MASCO is a dynamic multinational company specializing in importing and exporting various products, notably stationery and paper goods since 2003. With the establishment of Masco Import and Export Ltd in the UK in 2007 and Masco International in 2008, we solidified our global presence. As an exclusive distributor for renowned brands like Flair, Kangaro, ,Doms,Double A and others, we’ve consistently expanded our product range. In 2020, we introduced our signature product lines, Concord and Unimax.

Our journey extends to new markets, including Oman in 2018 and Saudi Arabia in 2021. The acquisition of Najmath Al Manhal Trading in Saudi Arabia further reinforces our commitment to strategic growth. With a diverse product portfolio, a global footprint, and strong partnerships, MASCO stands as a leading import and export powerhouse, delivering excellence in stationery and paper products worldwide.

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